• The Pebble That Makes Waves

    “The Pebble That Makes Waves” is Dr. Williams’ professional talk to middle and high school students representing the next generation of STEM Scholars and inventors. The idea is no matter how insignificant you may think you are in the grand scheme of the world around us, you have the ability to “make waves” that will forever change our world.

  • Delayed Not Denied

    Is a spiritual talk given by Dr. Williams to inspire individuals to not give up on their dreams.  Just because something does not materialize when you feel it should does not mean it can’t or won’t happen.  Instead, at the appointed time, the things that we have been working so hard for come to pass.  The storm only makes you appreciate the sunshine even more.

  • One Degree Of Seperation

    “Make It count” is geared toward high school students to inspire them to give 100% in everything they do. Leveraging the principles of the book 212, Dr. Williams shows students how the difference between being first and second second is usually incremental often 1 inch, mm, or cm.

  • Conquering Giants

    Is an inspirational talk given by Dr. Williams based on the story of David and Goliath designed to show us that we often miss our victories in life because we are looking for the biggest weapon.  The most effective weapon against your giants is often the smallest most disregarded of them all.  Are you throwing away the stone because you’re looking for a boulder?

  • Tall Enough To Succeed

    It is important to recognize those that have paved the way for us to realize greater success in life.  In this talk, Dr. Williams focuses on recognizing milestone achievements that have positioned today’s youth for greater success across science, technology, engineering, mathematics, the arts, and religion.  You can only move forward if you do so on a solid foundation realizing that there are multiple pathways to your end goal because someone else already developed the roadmap.

  • Bible Business Administration

    In the BBA series, Dr. Williams shows you how the concepts of business administration are routed in religion.  He presents Jesus as one of histories most successful CEO’s with an ability to grow his followership without spending countless dollars on research and develop or engaging in expensive marketing campaigns.