In addition to his other works, Dr. Williams is a faculty member provided instruction across the various courses listed below.

  • MGMT 201 - Principles of Management

    A comprehensive overview of relevant management principles and practices as applied in contemporary organizations, this course focuses on management theories, philosophies, and functions.

  • MGMT 317 - Organizational Behavior

    This course provides an overview and analysis of various behavioral concepts affecting human behavior in business organizations, with emphasis on research, theory, and practice.

  • MGMT 371 - Leadership

    The focus of this course is about leadership in organizations. In the increasingly competitive global economy, leaders must develop the necessary skills to lead organizational development, change, and create a motivating workplace. This course focuses on analyzing the leadership skills that enhance organizational success. Topics discussed are the approaches and models of leadership, organization change, and organization development.

  • MGMT 421 - Small Business Management

    The student will undertake an analysis of the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to be successful in conceiving, initiating, organizing, and operating a small business. Special focus will be placed on small businesses in the aviation field.

  • MGMT 436 - Strategic Management

    Strategic management principles involving strategy, formulation, implementation, evaluation, and organization analysis are studied in this management capstone course. Case analysis and the use of strategic management principles are used to examine and solve organizational problems.

  • MBAA 630 - Customer Value

    This course examines ways that high performing companies consistently meet and exceed customer desires. Emphasis is on understanding and identifying customers wants and needs, customer orientation, product or service differentiation and value-creating processes to attract, maintain, and retain customers through relationship management. Topics covered will provide managers with a blueprint for responding effectively to customer demands while creating value attributes to sustain an organization in service and product excellence. Customer value themes will address how companies respond to change, customer loyalty, and more. The course explores the use of best practices in various manufacturing and service related industries that model effective customer value behavior, customer satisfaction, e-services, integrated marketing communications, and information-based organizations.